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The Military Family Network- A National Disgrace

geral sosbee | 14.04.2008 22:05 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | World

The Military Family Network-A National Disgrace To Servicemen, as it sends a porno and hate message to a Viet Nam combat veteran.

Regarding The Military Family Network

The forum team leader at The Military Family Network located and entitled as follows sends Sosbee, a combat veteran of Viet Nam, the message shown below and apparently terminates his membership without notice and for no stated cause:
Military Family Network Home

Community Connections Forums Message To Sosbee

surattinia has sent you a new personal message entitled "Cute range of PORN movies. Best selection of PORN video. New range of PORN galleries.".
You can read this personal message by following the link below:

The Community Connections Forums team."

Sosbee to the administrators of
You are the same cowardly fools who pretend to be concerned about the welfare of the soldiers and the security of the United States; the truth is you are traitors to the Constitution of this country and you are mental dwarfs living in the shadows of the living dead. I cannot forgive you for your twisted minds and wicked hearts. Your message to me, shown above, is now permanently displayed in order for the world to come to know your filthy mindset and fraudulent purposes.
Now, another of your degenerate associates who calls himself 'pcorrea' from the same forum, assumes the role of parent on the forum and posts the following verbal assault against Sosbee yesterday:

"ATTENTION ALL.....PLEASE IGNORE THE GARBAGE BY GERAL SOSBEE. I have reported it. There always has to be one.[size=3] (IMG:"

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