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A tale of 4 squats in Manchester

Manchester observer | 14.04.2008 20:00 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces


(1) The Archways

Occupied a few months ago, the Archways squat quickly became the hub for Mancunian Space Invaders plotting towards the days of action. A second room next door was intended as the central venue for the weekend. But it was evicted shortly before.

(2) The new Basement?

The squat that was actually used as a venue for the weekend's events is a beautifully spacious building in Hulme. It's occupied by a few punks and used as a social centre. So far it has hosted a successful punk gig and provided hot meals for visitors.

(3) Jackson's Wharf

A hundred people occupied this old pub collectively after a 'free spaces' protest in the city centre on Saturday. It was turned into a drinking den again for a couple of hours but then abandoned.

(4) The furniture warehouse

This was supposed to be the big finale. A soundsystem had set up in the Ancoats warehouse and it's claimed that 500 people made it into the rave before 1 o'clock. But a large-scale police operation prevented 300 more revellers to enter and the whole thing was shut down by 2 o'clock.

Manchester observer


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