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Letter from anarchist prisoner Juan Sorroche on hunger strike in Italy

anarchists | 13.04.2008 14:21 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Note: Juan was arrested and jailed for making spray-paint slogans in Bologne, Italy, denouncing the forced psychiatric hospitalisation of a girl sleeping in a piazza. The incident caused great tension in the local area amongst the people and many expressed their anger at the police and the city. Juan is serving 10 months.

Hello to everyone, I write to you from Poggioreale (Napoles) prison from the Venecia EIV wing (High Vigilance Wing). I am writing to inform you all that from Monday 14/04/08 I will be on hunger strike until it appears appropriate to stop.

My principal motivation for this hunger strike is to be in solidarity with Mauro, a jailed companion here with serious health problems. He has not been taken to a suitable place to receive the treatment he needs. As well as that, it's going on two months now that the prison has refused to give me letters written in Spanish.

Like I said, it's two months since they stopped giving the Spanish post, the post is confiscated because a translator must come and they have told me that "we ring them, but if they don't come...". The fact is that it is a month since I have talked to resolve something but nothing has come of it. Now I don't write with friends and relatives and it's the only way I have of communicating with them.

Moreover there exists small things in the wing that everyday make the isolation become even more isolating, the fact is that this wing EIV is very restrictive, its practically like 41bis.

What is in the food carriage is indigestible (imagine someone that has some type of disease and needs to eat and they don't have money) and there is nothing available to buy is (of all the Italian prisons I have visited this is the worst), you get fundamental things like flour and tiny classes of vegetables, and imagine the quality. We can only shower twice a week, those that do sport or that want to wash themselves other days have to do it in their cell but in some cells there are three prisoners and the whole thing becomes unworkable. Suitable places for sport do not exist, like a gym or a field, we are not allowed in the social hall we only meet up in 5s or 6s in the two hours of patio, a small and dilapidated place.

I know that there are people in lots of places that are in complete isolation where there are no EIV wings, these isolations are done to extinguish a person, and so this strike is also against every type of isolation (FIES, CELL F, 41bis, EIV and others) and for the immediate release of all prisoners with chronic or terminal diseases.

I want to send a greeting to Diego, Marco, Rafa, Joaquin, Jose, Gabriel, Thomas who have protested against these things and all of those outside who try as if they were inside the prison.

A greeting to all those who have sustained and written me from Spain, and a special greeting for Rafa "John Bala" (incarcerated en Puerto III, Spain)


For punk-no regrets- for a tall crest-
From the prison Poggioreale

Juan Sorroche.

Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez
C.C. Poggioreale
via Nuova Poggioreale 177
80143 Napoli

Down with the prison society.
Free anarchist prisoners.

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