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Fitwatch - Tactics Sharing Gathering - 26th April 2008 - 12:30

Fitwatch | 12.04.2008 15:02 | Repression | London

Room H216
London School of Economics
Connaught House,

What is Fitwatch?
We are tackling the use of police Forward Intelligence Teams on protests. We get
in the way of cameras, take photos and gather information on officers, and
are starting to reclaim our demonstrations from the police.

Do you want to Fitwatch?
Fitwatch is a tactic, not an organisation. Anyone can fitwatch and it can
be as confrontational or as pacific as you want. The more people who
start taking responsibility for dealing with FIT, the more chances we have
for effective protest.

Got some ideas? Want to know more?
Come to the Tactics Sharing Gathering and let's work out together how we
can kick FIT off our protests.

Whilst support and advice will be available, this is not a training day.
It is an open forum for both newcomers and experienced activists to share
ideas and experiences.

For further information on FIT and what we've done so far, see

- e-mail: defycops(at)
- Homepage: