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Squatters In Tabloid Paper Shocker

A Squatter | 12.04.2008 11:14 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | Other Press | Social Struggles

MESHO, a spoof paper has been produced for the weekend of squatted autonomous spaces happening in cities across Britain (and everywhere else), this weekend.

Mesho front page
Mesho front page

MESHO, The 16-page tabloid spoof paper about squatting, homelessness and autonomous spaces is out!

Apeing the METRO masthead, watch out if you see what looks like a METRO on a tube train or bus - it might be a MESHO

Look out for MESHO in all the squatted/autonomous spaces opened up this weekend in cities across Britain.

Allegedly the paper nearly didn’t happen because three separate printers pulled out at the last minute fearing a legal comeback – or claiming they didn't have insurance. One excused themselves because they print METRO, before another finally obliged at the last minute.

What does MESHO mean? Well it looks like METRO but is an anagram of HOMES. So there.

Download MESHO on pdf (16 page, tabloid size, 4.7mb) at

A Squatter


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excellent read

12.04.2008 22:47

well done those folks who made this - copies are also being distributed in amsterdam and rotterdam in the netherlands.


thats its name?

13.04.2008 11:01

"What does MESHO mean? Well it looks like METRO but is an anagram of HOMES. So there. "

right, that makes perfect sense.


Bill Posters

dear bill

13.04.2008 22:24

well, it's easy to criticise innit. i don't think anyone is claiming that 'mesho' is a particularly great name, but it's actually quite hard to come up with a good alternative to 'metro'. if you are so clever maybe you should. there was a previous spoof called 'maybe' but i don't imagine the people who made it were that over the moon about that title.

collatally sisters