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DJ Snow... what too much cocaine can do to a District Judge

Mrs. Charity Sweet | 12.04.2008 09:28 | SOCPA | History | Repression | London

Contemporaneous notes: 11/04/2008


Contemporaneous notes: 11/04/2008

Tucker arrested yesterday @ 9:45 a.m. Denied access to legal advice until today @ COWMC. She was given access to duty solicitor. Snow - Solicitor does not realise Snow will attempt to remand her for trial.

Also charged with section 5(4) public order act while arrested on Feb 26/08 for SOCPA 2005. The Ninja Ant arrested same day, same offence, switched over to P.O. also? Charges (SOCPA 2005) against Jago dropped.

Held 20 hours Feb.26. Signed bail form stating clearly that she would not be attending police bail @ Belgravia re this offence. When they let her go, that is accepting the terms under which she signed contract to adhere to. The police should not have released her given her signed declaration of refusal to re-attend on police bail.

“breech of trust” – DJ Snow. That’s fucking rich coming from a prize c*nt like himself.

I was arrested yesterday for once again saying “Bollocks to Blair” and specifically denoting Sir Shit. Big f*cking hairy deal.

Carolyn’s case dismissed.

@ 3:25 p.m. duty solicitor just given counsel file and gone to speak to Babs.

Fat boy jailer said @ custody (COWMC) that none of the files could be found for any of the cases and all the courtrooms have come to a standstill. (Professional?)


“I do not accept the authority of this courtroom. (Affirmation read)

These are politically motivated trials. On the April 4th I was supposed to be at Charing Cross giving evidence against this court and this judge here now.

I have been reported over 145 times. Whether the Commissioner authorises or does not authorise is irrelavent as there is no legitimate aim convincingly established in law. I have made a complaint of fraud against the Chief of the MET. He is using an undated, unsigned document and having people locked up. I have made a complaint of FRAUD against him.”

Duty Solicitor:

“ Did you have a reasonable excuse not to attend…?”


“I was on bail from Feb 26, 2008 when I was arrested under SOCPA. There is no legitimate aim convincingly established in law. The MET police are abusing their powers, including these courts and this judge, who has previously denied me access to these courts through an extraordinary banning order.

“corruption … JR (judicial review) in the Royal Courts of Justice. I have been unlawfully arrested some 20 times in the past two years. My excuse for not attending is that it was reasonable not to attend. The police had no right to have me arrested and detained in the first place( there are no powers of arrest under SOCPA 2005).

In fact on August 5th, 2007 on an obstruct the highways charge, there were two CPS witnesses to this case. The case was vacated. 2 trials for a summary offence.(?)

DJ Nicholas Evans said that a summary matter, at worst, I could be fined. I was supposed to be giving evidence at Charing Cross (police station) involving this judge.”

DJ Snow interrupts


“I haven’t finished giving my evidence yet. I have just spent over 30 hours in custody over a summary matter.


“Take a seat.”

Duty solicitor:

“made very clear what the reasons are... appears to be saying that she believes she has been unlawfully arrested in the past… challenges the legality of this arrest.”


“cannot amount to a reasonable excuse. Any convictions? Sentencing guidelines… deal with straight away today.”


“No previous convictions in respect of the Bail Act… in custody since yesterday morning… she has explained to court that…unjust circumstances…”


“ 2 weeks… April 25th… case management hearing… disorderly behaviour… 10:00 a.m…. trial date fixed. Sentence regarding Bail Act.

Custody is inevitable. This was deliberate and calculated to undermine the criminal justice system… 2 weeks in prison.


Babs and Myra Hinley… both sent to halloway. This is justice?

Myra clearly was convicted of abusing children.
Babs says stop killing other people’s children for money.

This is justice?

That bent piece of shit, DJ Snowjob has been itching to send her down and Gordon Goerbells Brown has obviously given him to go ahead.

Justice will be seen to be done!
Genocide is a war crime!
Bollocks to the bloody lot of these corrupt perverted twisted pathetic excuses of humanity.
Charity Sweet
April 12, 2008 10:20 a.m.

Mrs. Charity Sweet
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