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Birmingham Free Space - Building occupied!

Free Space Brum Collective | 10.04.2008 17:19 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Building now in hand for the weekend of events in Birmingham - for timetable see

We have now occupied the building for this weekend's events - so people
are needed down there tonight and tomorrow morning to prepare for the demo
and weekend workshops...

The building is the former Kingfield Heath stationer's offices and
warehouse, between Bradford Street and Warwick Street in Digbeth (on the
50 bus route and very near the Spotted Dog pub). It's an absolutely
enormous building, we are only using a small fraction of the space within
it. The "main entrance" is on Bradford St, but the entrance that we are
using is the one on Warwick St - about 50 yards up from the Spotted Dog,
on the right side of the road. Hopefully by tomorrow morning we will have
the "Free Space Brum" banner to advertise it from the outside.

No electricity or water as yet but hopefully these will be sorted tomorrow
(and the landlord of the Spotted Dog, has kindly offered us the use of
his pub kitchen for water, and possibly also cooking).

Bring down anything you want to make the place look nice - posters,
candles, coloured fabric, cushions, mattresses, etc. We already have
chairs and tables which were already in the building.

The space will be open to the public tomorrow morning to prepare for the
demo outside the Council House at 2pm.

For any more info, directions from the city centre, or if you are there
and no one seems to be there to let you in, please call the social centre
phone on 07527580190...

Free Space Brum Collective
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


25.04.2008 23:03

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