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Space Is The Place @ rampART Friday

april2008 | 10.04.2008 13:39 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

Part of a one-off series of events in London autonomous spaces to coincide with the days of action in defence of squats and for an anti-capitalist popular culture. Things kick off on the evening of Friday 11th with a social meet up and info night at the rampART social centre on Friday evening - a chance to chat about events and actions over the weekend and tell people about the autonomous spaces you are involved in.

From 7pm at 15 rampart street, London E1 2LA

Side Stepping the Property Ladder @ rampART

Vegan cafe with films, presentations, info and music.

Films include:
* video vox pops from manchester about free spaces
* Trainsquatting - eastern european squatters
* Uprooted - Greek Olympics evictions
and many more

Presentations include:
* Shane Collins revisiting the highly influential Cooltan
and squat actions against the Criminal Justice Act in the 90's
* Squatters mutual aid networks and the advisory service for squatter.
* The rampART, past, present and future
more to be confirmed

Info Stalls include:
* London Coalition Against Poverty
* Advisory Service for Squatters
* Rupture Squat Zine
* Indymedia Offline and Infousurpa
all TBC

Music includes:
* Marianne Hyatt
* Half of 52 Commercial Road
* Tom from David Cronenbergs Wife

Help making the evening happen would be much appreciated, email rampart AT mutualaid DOT org if you can help skip, prepare and cook food, present a project, contribute films etc.

For info about other events taking place in London over the days of action, see

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