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(BNP Rape etc...)What he actually said was put out of context,

Sir John Bollocks | 10.04.2008 10:03 | Anti-racism | Gender

What he actually said is much worst then the media would let us believe

After finding out about that Eriksen BNP guy, I went to his blog, unfortunately he actually deleted it and put up a post about him not being responsible for his own actions... luckily, Google has a cache option, so after reading some of the most offensive things I have ever read, here are some links to the truth, and you know what, fuck freedom of speech, because some words are worst then rape, and surely some fascists/apes would use his words as a justification for rape after all 94% of rape allegations are lies, to hell with free speech here's the truth:

That's the rape thing,

if you Google for "Sir John Bull Blog"+some month, and then look in the cache and similar pages you can still see all the horrible things he said, and you know what, it gets worst then "A woman would be more inconvenienced by having her handbag snatched".

Fuck them, fuck the elections we won't let those ass holes get any power even if thy break the pathetic 5% mark on may 1st

Sir John Bollocks


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10.04.2008 14:57

Couldn't have been taken THAT much out of context. He was taken off the candidate list the next day