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Redevelopment of Farnborough town centre

Keith Parkins | 09.04.2008 13:06 | Social Struggles

Is the final phase of the destruction of Farnborough town centre about to take place?

gaudy hoardings
gaudy hoardings

fake names
fake names

fake names
fake names

For at least five years, KPI (a front company for property developer St Modwen) has been claiming the unwanted redevelopment of Farnborough town centre is about to start. It is about to start in th spring, in the summer, in the autumn, in the New year. A claim that the gullible local hacks regurgitate, unable to tell the difference between a press release and a news story.

KPI bought Farnborough town centre at least ten years ago. They have driven out of town most of the retailers. The few that remain, only remain by firing staff to cut down their losses.

Last summer, the northern half of the town was demolished. Three people were almost killed, the town centre covered in asbestos contaminated dust.

Since then a derelict demolition site has been left.

Within the last few weeks, gaudy hoardings have been erected showing a ghastly parade of shops, all seemingly High Street names.

In your dreams has been the reaction of most people.

But all is not what it seems.

The developer has been passing off, giving the false impression of the retailers who are coming to Farnborough.

A close inspection of the gaudy hoardings shows such well known names as River Land, Now Look, VHM, Starlucks Coffe, Ernest Joans. The look and feel, the colours and the logo is exactly as the real thing.

At least it shows KPI in their true colours as a bunch of con merchants. They have made themselves a laughing stock.

What the town will get, assuming any redevelopment ever takes place is a large superstore facing out of the town. Firgrove Court, small estate of social housing, to be destroyed, the tenants kicked out of their homes, to make way for a car park for the unwanted superstore.

Keith Parkins
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Passing Off

10.04.2008 09:20

This "adaptation" of high street logos is clearly "passing off" - using someone else's brand identity to trick the casual viewer and to enhance one's reputation by association.

These pix should go to the legal departments of the stores concerned who'll almost certainly respond very quickly.

bar room lawyer