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Martin Hogbin is responsible for the Diaz raid.

imcista | 08.04.2008 00:27 | Genoa | Indymedia | Repression | Terror War | London | World

After further investigations into the Martin hogbin BAE case, it can be revealed that He travelled to the Genova G8 summit.

Indymedia: april 8th, London. Following the article by Mark thomas in early december and after further interviews with CAAT staff members and other witnesses, it has been established that Martin hogbin travelled to the G8 summit in Genova in July 2001 and camped some 200 yards behind the Diaz school.

Whilst sources are not being revealed in case of future legal action, Interviews and research has uncovered that Hogbin, presumeably on the orders of Eveline Le Chene his spymaster, attempted to sell the 150,000 activist list that had been gathered by her corporate spy network to Gianfranco Fini and the Fascist Allianze Nationale Party.

It is intensely suspected by the victims of the Diaz raid that an activist list was used during the raid. However, again this evidence cannot be produced in case of future legal action by the Diaz victims and GLF lawyers.

If you are out there, Martin Hogbin....the Diaz plaintiffs would dearly love to talk to you. they also hold you partially responsible for their injuries. please contact Diaz lawyer Matt Foot if you wish to complain.

hope to see you in a british court Hogbin.




08.04.2008 10:05

Just a quick comment.

I was one of the people who travelled to the G8 with Martin (and worked closely with him at CAAT for many years). I have no excuses or explanations for any of the things he did with CAAT, and was probably one of the people whose security was most jeapordised by the whole affair. Martin has never been able or willing to explain his behaviour, and I have been very hurt and upset by the whole affair especially by someone I used to call my friend.

However, I think it's important to keep within factual accuracies. Martin did not camp 200 yards outside the Diaz school. He was at the campsite that was a couple of miles away from there. He was only there for a few days. I think we arrived on the first main day of action and left the day after the raid.

Whilst I understand not wanting to reveal too much information because of legal issues, it would still be useful to know a bit more information about where this has come from.

Thanks and good luck with the legal cases.



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