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Freedom for Rose! Demonstrations Tuesday and Wednesday in Newcastle

Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) | 07.04.2008 22:40 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles

Rose Aboukha from Newcastle was arbitrarily arrested under immigration regulations today at North Shields. Demonstrations for her released are being organised on Tuesday 8th April and Wednesday 9th April. Your support is needed.

Rose speaking at a TCAR march last year
Rose speaking at a TCAR march last year

She has been forcibly destitute for many months because her case has 'failed' and all her benefits have been cut. She has trained and qualified as a resort representative at Newcastle Airport and also as a painter and decorator but the Labour Government won't let her work. Rose had asked to transfer her 'address' for receiving letters from a local church to a local drop-in centre and she was then photgraphed and arrested. No removal directions have been issued for her deportation so she has no idea why she is being detained or how long for.

Someone from Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) managed to speak to her this evening and her message is as follows:

'I have been brought here illegally. I have not committed any crime. I have not done anything wrong. By detaining me it is a sign of degrading me. People from the UK go to Uganda and if they were detained for no reason then would that be fair? So why am I being locked in a room here? I don't know why.'

Friends of Rose are organising an early morning protest outside the police station at North Shields from 7.30am tomorrow morning. This will go on until at least 9am. The police station is near to the library, only about 5mins walk from the metro.

TCAR is organising a demonstration on Wednesday at 10am outside the Government Offices North East, opposite St James metro station. We need a big turn out to get Rose released. These are our immediate demands:

Rose must be released immediately.
Rose must be given suitable accommodation.
Rose must have her benefits reinstated or that be allowed to work in order to support herself.
North Shields Immigration Reporting Centre must reduce the number of times Rose has to sign to once a month maximum, as was previously the case.
Rose must be given travel money so she can travel to the reporting centre.

TCAR stands against all immigration detention and against the racist policies of destitution and denial of the right to work.

* For more information on Harmondsworth protests see

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