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Oil in Tibet, and gold, uranium, cooper

$ | 07.04.2008 14:00 | Anti-militarism | World

The name of the game is always money, and when it comes to the CIA's war against China by promoting Tibet, that is certainly true. There is oil, uranium, gold and copper in Tibet. No wonder we have this latest hysterics over Tibet during the US oil war against Iraq and Afghanistan and perhaps Iran.

This story is on the outstanding website of Global Research at:
"The Tibet Card" by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, 3/27/08 at
Alexander’s Gas and Oil Connections, 11/11/04, “Qiangtang Basin in Tibet estimated to Hold Oil and Gas Reserves

More reading material on the CIA, the Dalai Lama and Tibet is as follows:

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Finally the penny drops

07.04.2008 14:23

So you have finally unearthed the truth.

The truth being that Tibet sits on a vast wealth of minerals, not to mention being the source of most of Asia's major rivers.

So the reason China wants to impress the shiny jack boot of imperialism on the people of Tibet is in part to exploit its mineral wealth. Sounds familiar doesnt it, yes oil wars.

Except in your bizarre world the Chinese genocide is in some way excusable whilst the western oil wars are not.

The truth is that neither are.

And as to your suggestions that this is all a cunning plot to destabilise China by the west, I would also like to point out to you that the Chinese are in fact lizards and in fact run the illuminati. No joke. They are all in league with each other, this conspiracy is bigger than any of you could ever imagine. (although sadly it probably isnt bigger than you could imagine)

Deely lama

Used and used again - first we had the CO2 crap now this

07.04.2008 15:07

The way the activist community in the UK has been turned and used by those who they think they are opposing is incredible. The stupidity and time being wasted by actions like the protests against aviation is a case in point, the most cursory glance at the so called evidence of climate change being in someway influenced by human action is simply laughable but that has not stopped thousands swallowing the whole Carbon Footprint fantasy without a second thought.

The West has needed a stick to beat China with for the past five years ever since its economic power and demand for energy began to impact on areas like gas supplies and steel prices and of course they were prepared to be patient until they knew China would be the centre of world attention, cue suitable time and suitable cause; Tibet and what do you know a well orchestrated campaign in the mass media sees a big number of people on the streets and an embarresed China.

This we might expect from the bastards but what really pisses me off is how again and again the European activist community falls for it and there are people who come to Indy with their action reports and smug pictures telling us all of their contribution to the day without wanting to see how they have been used like a cheap hooker.

Tony Patterson
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