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Tibet Protest Great, But . . . .

Carry On Team | 07.04.2008 09:33 | Mayday 2007 | Analysis | Iraq | Repression | London

Are there lessons to be learned for the wider activist scene in London?
or questions to be asked about these Free Tibet Protests that seemed so successful in saturating the media?

I was as thrilled as the next Indymedia reader to see all the posts from yesterdays Olympic Torch protests, and overjoyed to watch it all again on the BBC and mainstream news programs.

But how come these protests where such a success?

How come, even with 2million marching on Feb 15th 2001, the Peace Movement can't bring the same chaos to the streets of London when in Iraq 'Children can not go to school for fear if kidnap' - (, Iraqi civilians are targeted daily by ill-prepared, ill-trained, and just plain ill UK & US soldiers -( - ( and Iraqs already dire refugee crisis is 'deepening' - (

Why don't these caring, kind and concerned British citizens who took part in yesterdays street protests and civil disobedience, take to the streets also to protect our freedom and right to protest? - (, or to protect the human rights of those illegally imprisoned in the UK because of there race? - (

Imagine if all those who where on the streets yesterday in support of Tibet, also took part in the May Day protests? - (

Imagine the fun we could have on the streets of London?

But could it happen?

or was yesterday just a big publicity stunt - ( for 'our' democracy and because actually the west has a lot to gain from Chinas bad press.

Come on people, give yourselves a pat on the back for the success of Sunday, but please, don't stop there, don't wait around for government approved civil disobedience, thank them for showing us how it is done, and lets take it to the next logical level, lets carry on regardless!

Carry On Team


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