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Stop Lib Dembs padlocking Paddick who wants to say NO to Crossrail

AADHIKARonline backing KHOODEELAAR! No to 'Crossrail hole Bill' [UK House of Lor | 05.04.2008 11:33 | Globalisation | Social Struggles | London

In January 2008, the Lib Dems' 'candidate' for 'mayor' at the London elections scheduled for 1 May 2008, said that Crossrail was not about benefiting ordinary commuters

By©Muhammad Haque
1132 Hrs GMT
5 April 2008

That statement may have been the reflection of a relatively common perception about the Big Business CRASSrail scam. But that was a significant comment coming rom a candidate for election to the office mayor of London. Why? Because the CRASSrail scam is being almost proprietorially claimed by the income,ent Livingstone.

Paddick's doubts on Crossrail were beginning to make him look almost credible as a genuine alternative to Livingstone. Now the Lib Dumbs have in effect padlocked Paddick's mouth and have ordered him to phase in a pro Big Business, pro- City of `London-scripted CROSSRAIL slogan in his 'mayoral election' propaganda.... The Lib Dumbs have thus killed off Paddick’s chance to even coming over as a knowledgeable, truthful candidate with upto date and clear knowledge about London’s needs and the pitfalls that London people face...

Crossrail is a pitfall, a waste and a diversion

AADHIKARonline backing KHOODEELAAR! No to 'Crossrail hole Bill' [UK House of Lor
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