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Re-Sound Money

Stude | 05.04.2008 09:32 | World

Browns errors are coming home to roost.

BBC reports in ".." :
“Brown warns on global cash crisis . Mr Brown says global structures set up after World War II are out of date.”

The system was not designed to cope with incompetent Politicians and Economists.

“The world is facing "the first truly global financial crisis", the prime minister has told leaders.”

Stupid people like Brown and Greenspan deliberately created inflation to keep the Stock Market rising. Their misuse of Keynesianism has been criminal. That is one of the main roots of Climate change.

“Gordon Brown said institutions such as the World Bank and United Nations need reform to tackle the double threat of economic turmoil and climate change.”

There has definitely been a “Negative outcome of Economics” . Keynes could have been used to make a sustainable economic system that would not have destroyed Earth's ability to support Life. Now it is almost certainly too late. Maybe an immediate severe economic collapse to the point that they dig no more Coal and burn no more Oil or Gas and no Airplane flies might enable Earth to recover.

“He is hosting the two-day gathering in Watford due to be attended by delegates including ex-US president Bill Clinton and Australian PM Kevin Rudd. Topics including climate change and development will be on the agenda. “

But the importance of restoring Sound Money will not be on the agenda. Nor will there be any consideration of what punishment the economic criminals should face. - If anyone survives the climate change holocaust their policies will cause.