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Harmondsworth detainees' petition

Harmondsworth detainees | 04.04.2008 14:01 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | Migration | London

Original text of the petition written by the Harmondsworth detainees on hunger strike.

Common sense, as directed by Articles 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998, made it explicit that in the dispense of Justice, ther should be fairness, impartiality and neutrality, without attention to race, religion, sexuality or skin colour. We the under mentioned detaineees at Harmondsworth, agree unanimously that the Home Office and it's agencies deliberately and scornfully breach this sacrosant article by way of:

1. Turning a blind eye to overwhelming evidence that purports to strenghten our cases.
2.Not allowing sufficient time in preparation of our cases; with a view of making us frustrated and succumbing to removal/ deportation.
3.Maliciously misrepresenting and miscopying the facts of our cases, for the purpose of making it easy for the Judges to arrive at sinister and unjustifiable decisions.
4.Providing us with legal representatives who are more interested in soliciting our deportations, than foiling them.

We therefore challenging the consiences of the United Nations, Europan Courts of Human Rights, Religious groups, Parliament, and Civil liberty groups to heed our pleas to put pressure on the Home Office that their procedures are unhealthy, indefensible and profoundly wicked. We want them also to call for a change in the loathing attitude shown towards people in immigration detention centres by a powerful minority of the U.K. public.

116 signatures follow

Harmondsworth detainees