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Harmondsworth detainees on hunger strike

solidarity with the detainees! | 04.04.2008 09:03 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | Migration | London

From this morning 300 detainees in Harmondsworth are refusing food.

From this morning Friday the 4th of April almost the totality of detainees in Harmondsworth, 300 men, are refusing food.
The detainees protes began the 1st April. Almost all detainees, 300 men, refused food from 9 am and occupied the courtyard. Around 120 detainees remained in the courtyard all night. They wrote and signed a petition and sent it to the Europena Court of Human Rights, the local MP John McDonnell and others. On the 2nd of April the detainees resumed eating late in the day, after meeting with Immigration. However, as no results came from the talks, today the detainees resumed the hunger strike.
They are complaining that they are being deported without having their cases properly heard, due to time restrictions and bad legal representation, and that they are detained in the meantime, in very bad conditions, without having committed any crime.

solidarity with the detainees!