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Scientology Cult Lands in Moseley, Birmingham

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us | 03.04.2008 19:33 | Social Struggles | Birmingham

The Church of Scientology Cult has announced that it's establishing it's second biggest base in the UK in Moseley, South Birmingham. The dangerous cult has bought a huge grade II listed building, Pitmaston House, which is estimated to be worth at least £4.25 million. The former insurance building was listed after a local campaign managed to save the building from developers but now it looks set to turn into a base to recruit people from the local area and to fulfil the claims of it's leader, David Miscavige, that the Church is expanding. The Church of Scientology is no stranger to Moseley, before it opened it's offices in Birmingham city centre, it ran a shop on the Highstreet during the 1970s/80s.

Pitmaston House, Moseley, Birmingham
Pitmaston House, Moseley, Birmingham

According to an article in Birmingham's Mail, local residents are already up in arms about the cult establishing itself in leafy Moseley and are worried that it will 'target young and vulnerable new recruits'. Local people have also shown a keen interest in protesting outside the new headquarters at the junction of Russell Road and Reddings Road:,-1.90299&spn=0.001851,0.005735&t=h&z=18&msid=100968359574383677725.0004489f0209bf3e63087

Anonymous, the internet based group protesting against the Church of Scientology, will be holding a peaceful demonstration in Birmingham City Centre at Ethel Street on April 12th as part of Operation Reconnect, a global protest to highlight the Church of Scientology's unethical family separation practice called 'Disconnection'.

Operation Reconnect April 12th -

Read more about the Church of Scientology's dangerous and illegal activities -

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us
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If you want to make a little money, write a book.

03.04.2008 19:48

The Church of Scientology has made members from every other Org in the UK donate money towards buying the Ideal Org building, Pitmaston House, in Birmingham.


David & Sheila Gaiman
robert & anne lawson

john herring
julia johnson
Steve Perry, Richard Pickles & Piers Springthorpe

james & Pat osborne

sheila clifford
alistair & Tricia Lycett
martin scullard

alan Bates
laurence Brown
marika & mark caplan
alan Egerton
matt Green
Robin hadley
Phil harrison & sue storey
neil holmes
Paul hulme
hans & Gabi lanik
rob matthews

mark anderton & Sharon henderson
adrian Bennet
nick Bonnaud
lee & Tina Cartwright
John & mary Chadder
lee Clark
Steve Culley
Peter Fry
David & mandy Gear
David Grifiths & Suzanna Warren
Eric holden

David holland
Steve holland
mark Kloss
Bob mita
Colm o’halloran
Tony Perkins
Shaun Pomeroy
Bernard & helen Ram
maggie roche
Ian Rumboldt
Ed Theaker
Phil Tyler
Stuart Ward

David Antill
Keith Ebourne
John Falahee
Paul Frost
Kate Golby

Geoff & Sarah Greaves
Ian holtham
Julian marks
Julian & Kellen Partridge
Julie Phelps
Phil Rickman
hardeep Sahejpal
Jenny Scarfe-Beckett
Paul Scoplin
Jeremy & Jo Stevens
Simon Weber-Brown

David Coughlin
Sadie & Graham Doggart
Bernard Eppert
Martin Gordon
Christian harland & Stephanie Walker
Anthony Jowett nicole Keppler

Claire King
Robbie Kinsey
Jenny Kirton

Friend £250
Supporter £500
Contributor £1,000
Founding Member £2,500
Bronze Honour Roll £5,000
Silver Honour Roll £10,000
Gold Honour Roll £25,000
Benefactor £35,000
Platinum Honour Roll £50,000
Guarantor £75,000
Humanitarian £100,000
Humanitarian with Honours £150,000
Humanitarian Meritorious £250,000
Founding Member with Honours £500,000
Founding Member Meritorious £750,000
Legion of Honour £1,000,000

If you want to make a lot of money, create a religion. (L. Ron Hubbard)


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