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Interview With Captain Onboard Sea Shepherd Ship On Current Seal Hunt

Sea Shepherd Supporter | 03.04.2008 13:54 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Ocean Defence | World

This is an interview with Captain Cornelissen of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society about the Canadian government sponsored slaughter of 275,000 baby harp seals happening now. Captain Cornelissen speaks about the efforts of the crew onboard the Farley Mowat to document the killing of seals and the interference they have encountered from the Canadian Coast Guard. Interview by George Cadman of Free Radio Santa Cruz. Length: 27 minutes 45 seconds. On the newswire: Canadian Coast Guard Rams Sea Shepherd Ship (twice) | Sea Shepherd Moves In On Canadian Seal Slaughter

Sea_Shepherd_On_Current_Seal_Hunt - mp3 13M

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