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Hull activists successfully complete Fossil Fools Day action

Matt Hill | 02.04.2008 11:57 | Climate Chaos

A brief summary of the day's events...

I’m happy to report that here in Hull we successfully staged a Fossil Fools Day action;

Dressed in high visability jackets reading “Climate Crisis Prevention”, hard hats and boiler suits, we hung a banner in the town centre, below the large TV screen, reading;

2007 = 17,000 HOMES FLOODED

We then proceeded to hand out flyers to local residents, of whom the VAST majority were very supportive. Local media conducted inverviews, with BBC Look North promising to do a live TV news feed, until a ‘breaking story required their camera men to go elsewhere.

Our experience of successfully making the transition for ‘talking’ to ‘doing’ was very positive for everybody involved, and having now completed our first ever action, we’re looking forward to planning the next on the 1st May.

Matt Hill
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  1. good stuff! — k