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EV-EON Unnaturally Carbonated Water : The Planet is Saved!

AmiBambini | 01.04.2008 21:08 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Technology

EV-EON Unnaturally Carbonated Water was launched today on the streets of London. Using all new climate-saving technology we can save the day and keep burning coal for ever more. Well done Carbon Capture and Storage!

EV-EON billboard
EV-EON billboard

Product launch
Product launch

Today saw the launch in London of EV-EON Unnaturally Carbonated Water a new carbon capture technology (CCS) to be used at E.ON's Kingsnorth Power Station.

Burning coal to generate electricity produces Carbon Dioxide (CO2), a green house gas that contributes to climate change. However by capturing the CO2 before it is released into the atmosphere and piping it through natural spring water we at E.ON are able to create carbonated drinking water that is bottled and sold in Italian restaurants under the brand name EV-EON.

Although a simple solution, the implications are huge. With over a hundred years worth of coal deposits left and with massive growth in energy demand CCS will allow E.ON to continue to burn coal for decades to come. EV-EON's Chief Executive Taton Rebfluw says, "climate change had turned coal into a dirty word, but carbonated drinking water could be the silver bullet we have been looking for" a quick sip of EV-EON bottled water and he continues "the water tastes great and drinkers have the added bonus of helping combat climate change – the more water they drink, the more CO2 they store, and the more coal can be used to generate electricity, this really is symbiosis at its very best".

EV-EON is available now in restaurants and cafes. Please drink responsibly and refrain from burping or breathing the CO2 back into the atmosphere otherwise you may be responsible for causing climate change.

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