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Fossil Fools Day action round up

Rising Tide | 01.04.2008 18:36 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | World

A round up of many of the fossil fools day actions so far worldwide. Pictures, more info on all these actions and updates at

Fossil Fools Day action round up so far (as of 1900 GMT) action reports still coming in.
Pictures, more info on all these actions and updates at

Activists Blockade Major Gas Terminal, Norfolk UK
Earth First! UK activists today blockaded the UK’s largest off shore gas terminal at Bacton in Norfolk. 40% of the UK’s domestic gas comes ashore here, is processed and distributed by pipeline. Activists blockaded the main road outside the site at 6.30 am this morning, preventing construction workers and shift workers from arriving. There were 19 Arrests.
Protesters Shut down open-cast coal mine, Wales
Protesters Shut Opencast Coal Mine Direct action exposes ‘black hole’ in climate change policy Tuesday, 1st April, 2008: At 7am this morning, protesters halted work at one of the biggest opencast coal mines in Europe. They intend to remain on the site for several days.
Climate activists blockade E-on in Nottingham, UK
Climate activists from Eastside Climate Action blockaded E-on workers as part of International Fossil Fools Day. At 7:30 this morning 30 people blockaded the entrances to E-on’s offices on Mount St, Nottingham City Centre. People covered in green paint to represent E-on’s greenwash, locked onto the front entrance to E-on’s office and stood in front of other entrances preventing E-on workers from getting to work.
Land Rover Ad Agency occupied by London Rising Tide on Fossil Fools Day
Activists from climate justice direct action group London Rising Tide (LRT) have occupied the offices of Y&R, the ad agency behind the current Land Rover campaign, and a new campaign for arms giant BAe Systems.
Climate Activists Shut down Esso station, Plymouth, UK
Climate activists from Rising Tide occupied the Esso petrol station on Exeter Street in Plymouth. There were seven arrests. Thirty occupied the forecourt and three took to the roof shutting it down for over two hours.
Shenanigans in Southampton, UK
Today climate activists from Southampton targeted the Shell garage on Burgess Road cornered with Glen Eyre Road as part of International Fossil Fools Day. A group of eight activists have taken over the forecourt and three activists have scaled and occupied the roof with a banner.

EV-EON Carbon Capture launched on Southbank!
The first ever Fossil Fools day has been given a terrific christening today with the launch of EV-EON Unnaturally Carbonated Water. This innovative new technology will be used at E.ON’s Kingsnorth PowerStation and used to capture the carbon dioxide given off by the burningof coal.The carbon di-oxide is then bubbled through fresh spring water from nearby Kingsnorth Hills to create carbonated drinking water which is bottled and sold in Italian restaurants.
People & Planet in Parliament Square
People & Planet built a coal power station complete with 12ft cooling towers in Parliament Square and burnt a mock Climate Change Bill to protest against the Government’s plans to build eight new coal-fired power stations in the UK
New Fool Found in Westminster, London, UK

Westminster awoke to cries of “Roll up! Roll up! Come see the Fossil Fool” at 8am this morning as 15 jesters and 30 protestors arrived at the department for business and regulatory reform to laugh at John Hutton, the minister responsible for the government’s push to build a string of new coal-fired power stations in the UK. 

Polar bears take on Porsche, London, UK
Climate change activists today delivered a mock apology on behalf of Porsche, highlighting the company’s blatant disregard for the environment. There to receive the apology, to be delivered at 8.30am outside Porsche’s main London showroom in Berkeley Square, was an audience of protesting polar bears and Londoners.

Leamington Spa, UK
In Leamington Spa today there had a demonstration parade against the 
proposed Clarendon Shopping Arcade. There were 50 adults and children, many dressed up as fairys, polar bear, jestor's, and deaths with oil drips. Alongside musicians playing a fossil fool's song written specially for the event. The Group had banners, placards and fliers.

Glasgow (UK) Fossil Fools present awards to local Climate Criminals
The Glasgow Fossil Fools present their local Climate Change Criminals with Awards for their contribution to Climate Chaos. 
Fossil Fools Day “kicks off” early in London! UK (monday)
Fossil Fools Day 2008 got an early start today - with London Rising Tide “kicking” things off. In front of the Football Association headquarters in London, Rising Tide protesters issued the FA a Red Card for accepting sponsorship from E.ON - a utility company proposing to build new coal-fired power plants in the UK.
Cambridge (UK) Fossil Fools Day Protest at RBS Bank
The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the main financiers of climate crime, in the form of oil and gas exploration. After targeting the Trinity Street branch last year for the RBS day if action, this time protesters paid a visit to the Hills Road Branch to mark the occasion of Fossil Fools Day.

34 4x4's and sports cars 'disarmed'
One of Edinburghs' more affluent areas was targeted for April fools fun! 
"We chose only rich peoples vehicles to symbolise how the wealthy and powerful are mainly responsible for the destruction of our planet.  We did the mung bean trick. It was very easy and fun!"

Fossil Fools in Sheffield
As part of Fossil Fools Day activity across the country, motorists in Sheffield were reminded of an alternative to their fuel-consuming, carbon producing transport... Petrol stations belonging to Waitrose and Shell were targeted with drivers being offered leaflets and bike route maps while being entertained by a cycle ballet performance. 

Banner Hang in Scotland
This banner was hung on Charing Cross motorway intersection in central Glasgow this morning reading “Climate change doesn’t exist. (APRIL FOOLS YOU FOSSIL FOOL!)”
Banner Hang in Lancaster
Building up to the Fossil Fools Day, some people in Lancaster, England hung a banner at the side of Lancaster’s busiest roundabout for the “rush” hour gridlocked car drivers to enjoy. The banner read: “Worried about Climate Change? Stuck in Traffic? Get a Bike!”

Banner Hang for Fossil Fools in Wrexham
Reading "Car culture = Climate Chaos"

North America

Billionaires for Dirty Energy blockade Citibank in New York, USA. 2 arrested
At 12:30pm today over 25 “Billionaires for Dirty Energy” blockaded the main entrance of Citibank’s Upper East Side headquarters. Two were arrested after chaining themselves to the front doors and refusing to leave. Police eventually sawed them out of the chains, and a rally continued in front of the bank.

8 Arrested as North Carolina, USA Residents Shut Down Construction at Cliffside Coal Plant
At 6:30 this morning, North Carolina residents locked themselves to bulldozers to stop the construction of Duke Energy’s massive Cliffside coal-fired power plant being built 50 miles west of Charlotte, 

Activists Blockade Bank of America to Protest Funding of Coal, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Boston, MA – Copley Square, April 1, 2008. April Fools! At of 9:00AM, in conjunction with a downtown rally, four activists locked themselves to the front entrance of the Bank of America branch in Copley Square. They were protesting the bank’s funding of coal and energy companies who are among the worst contributors to climate change, and directly responsible for innumerable human rights abuses in communities where coal is extracted and burned. There were four arrests.  

Banner drop in Portland, OR, USA
In support of Fossil Fool’s Day, Stumptown Earth First! in protest of the LNG Oregon Pipelines, performed a four-story banner hang off of the Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland, OR.  The banner reads No New Pipelines with a no LGN logo directly in the middle. 

Pranksters market “infidelity offsets” to downtown Portlanders, Oregon USA
Portland, OR – With a bouquet of heart shaped balloons, a group of Portland-area climate activists calling themselves the “Greenwash Guerrillas” presented a highly experimental new business model to passersby in downtown Portland on Tuesday. Drawing their inspiration from so-called carbon neutral companies like Portland’s Climate Trust, the activists claim to be launching a new company called “Cheat Neutral.”

Plum Creek Receives “Fossil Fool’s Award”, Maine, USA
Fairfield, ME - Volunteers with the Native Forest Network (NFN) staged a mock “Fossil Fool’s Day” awards ceremony today at the offices of the Plum Creek Timber Company to draw attention to the potential impacts of the company’s Moosehead region development proposal on the regional and global climate. 


Air New Zealand in Auckland received a ‘Fossil Fool’ Award
A group of climate change activists have presented Air New Zealand with New Zealand’s first ever ‘Fossil Fool’ award. 

3 arrests at peaceful parade in Christchurch, New Zealand
Three people were arrested at at the Christchurch Fossil Fools Day protest

Australian Pranksters attempt to Purchase Goods with Coal

A group of people from Rising Tide Newcastle went to a K-mart armed with a fist full of leaflets, bags full of coal, and a large banner which asked the question “How does buying stuff fuel climate change?” and directing the reader to a website for the answer.  They planned to swap their bags of coal for some cheap consumer products (thereby cutting out the middle man).

Pictures, more info on all these actions and updates at

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01.04.2008 19:40

5 activists including one refugee polar bear descended on the streets of
Worthing town centre to tell the public about the climate crimes of RBS,
Natwest and Thomson travel agents. Percy the polar bear told of his
ecosystem's plight, and specified how the targetted corporations were
contributing to climate change. 300 leaflets were handed out to members of
the public, telling them about Fossil Fools Day and explaining how local
corporations are damaging the planet. Later on, Percy went into the
Natwest branch and closed down his account in protest, and encouraged
others to do the same and write to their bank manager concerning Natwest's
bankrolling of oil corporations.


more towns update

03.04.2008 00:13

Check out for the latest update compilation of actions on FFD, including ones not (yet?) on the IMC newswire.

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