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Fossil Fools in Sheffield

Passing cyclist | 01.04.2008 17:56 | Climate Chaos | Sheffield

As part of Fossil Fools Day activity across the country, motorists in Sheffield were reminded of an alternative to their fuel-consuming, carbon producing transport...

Petrol stations belonging to Waitrose and Shell were targeted with drivers being offered leaflets and bike route maps while being entertained by a cycle ballet performance.

Passing cyclist
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oh, and by the way...

01.04.2008 19:16

apparently Waitrose (John Lewis), according to one of their spokespeople, has a "policy" that it is "not allowed" to take photographs (of what was not clear) while standing on a public road "for security reasons". It seems strange that an organisation which seems so well organised has a policy that is not legally or practically enforceable.

passing cyclist