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Alms for the Poor, Smash Libel Tourism, ebook

Constitutional Struggle! | 30.03.2008 03:52 | Other Press | Repression | Terror War | London | World

Naughty Brit mercenaries in Equatorial Guinea, UK government up to its neck in shit??? D Notice anyone?
Saudi Billionaire and Wahabbi Dog sues global publisher in UK court for libel. You can be sued too!
British regime change agenda to be revealed in Simon Mann interview
Naughty UK mercenaries, tut tut, you expect me to believe your government was ignorant?

Alms for Jihad, does your government REALLY want to promote 'libel tourism', after McLibel etc? Well, if a government sees fit to 'cleanse' portions of its population (the Chagossians), I can believe anything.
Attachment is a book, downloaded off the net, pulped by a British publisher and only available as an ebook.

Constitutional Struggle!


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  1. sorry book link — Constitutional Struggle!