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Reproductive Freedoms teach-in, London, 12 April

Feminist Fightback | 25.03.2008 21:20 | Culture | Gender | Health | Social Struggles | London

A teach in to lean about and campaign for reproductive freedoms, organised by Feminist Fightback.

Saturday 12 April, 12-5pm, Clement House Building, London School of Economics, London WC2A (Holborn tube).

As feminists, we want every woman to have a real right to choose - whether to have, or not to have, a child. This event is aimed at feminist activists, trade unionists, students, school students and others who want to campaign for the right to choose. Come and learn more about the historical and current situation, develop campaigning skills, and get involved in a militant pro-choice campaign.

* How to campaign: practical workshop
* Imperialism and Motherhood - race, empire and reproductive freedoms
* Getting your message across: making the pro-choice case
* The current situation: NHS, the law, state provision, internationally
* Planning for a national day of action

Creche available: please request a place.

Cheap vegan and vegetarian food provided.

More info:

Organised by Feminist Fightback, a socialist feminist organisation which seeks to involve socialists and feminists from different backgrounds in collective discussion and campaigning -

Feminist Fightback
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