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The Student Climate Project comes to London

The Student Climate Project | 25.03.2008 19:06 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | Education | London

The Student Climate Project was launched in August 2007, to inspire the wider student body into taking radical action against climate change. They are currently doing a year long tour across the UK, holding events and doing actions along the way. All are invited to get involved and contribute to building a mass student movement against this most critical of issues.

Here’s a taste of what we are getting up to in London…

Friday 18th April
Day of Active Outreach at Roehampton University

This will see a flurry of creative activity, ranging from theatre to workshops to film showings (as well as plenty of vegan cakes). The more people who can contribute to this the better. If you’d like to get involved in outreaching to the students of Roehampton, then please email us.

Saturday 19th April
@ London Action Resource Centre (

9-11am: Student Climate Project planning gathering. All are invited to plan for projects to inspire students into taking action. Amongst other things, we will be discussing Carbon Copy, our new national guerrilla art project.

11am-4pm: National Climate Camp Student Meeting. Hosted by the networking group for the Camp for Climate Action. This meeting is a chance to discuss how we can get as many students as possible to come to this year’s camp at Kingsnorth power station. All welcome, whether students or not. (email

4pm-5pm: Action planning for our Sunday Action (see below).

Sunday 20th April
Refuse to Pay: Take Action Against Soaring Train Prices

Despite trains offering a radically more sustainable option of travel to cars, motoring has increased in volume by 87% since 1980 in spite of the urgent threat of climate change. This might have something to do with the fact that public transport costs have risen by 40% in real terms, whereas the cost of driving has dropped by 14%.

We are urging people to board trains into the central London terminals and converge at around 1pm, having refused to pay for the overpriced tickets.

You do not have to be a student to take part in this action, and all are encouraged to join in. As well as tackling public transport head on, it also offers a positive example of how people can take empowering direct action against climate change.

After taking the action please email us with details and photos!

Contact us at and check out our website at

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