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One week till Fossil Fools Day

RT | 25.03.2008 16:50 | Climate Chaos | Globalisation | Social Struggles

OK, this is the last email from us, we promise... well, maybe just one
more on April the 2nd to tell you about all the amazing actions that
happened around the world! We’ll keep it short: resources, contacts and public actions.

-leaflet to hand out on the day: Explains the basics of Fossil Fools Day
but has a big empty white space for you to add the specifics of why you
are taking action in the way that you are, why you are at the location you
have chosen and your website or contact details. Available at: (Loads of graphics and
other goodies are here too if you want to make your own leaflet!)

-Media Q&A sheet for talking to journalists, covering Fossil Fools Day and
tricky questions about the fossil fuel industry - email us
( for a copy. We'll also be posting a national
press release to the website on Friday if you want to nick any bits of
that for your local release.

-15 ideas for action for last-minute action planners! At

Please, please, please phone or email us (07961 917 535 / as soon as your action is underway so we can list
it on the website ( has had a revamp and will be the
main place to check out what's happened), include it in the national press
release about the day, and the actions round-up the next day. Our
individual actions are so much more powerful when they are seen en masse!

Also let us know in your email or on the phone if you’d like journalists
to be directed to your action, and a phone number you can be reached on.

Although lots of people are keeping their plans under wraps, these three
public demos have been announced (If you know of a publicly announced
action, let us know and we'll list it on the website.):

*Fossil Fools Parade, Manchester*
Meet 10.30 AM outside AMC cinema in Deansgate

The Climate Circus is coming to Manchester. Take part in fun and games
with some of our best known local Fossil Fools! That's right, this event
is all about congratulating our sponsors, RBS, Manchester Flight Centres,
Petrol Stations, The City Council and other, experts in pollution, climate
change and destruction of our global eco systems. The parade will finish
with a street party outside the Town Hall (by 12 pm).

Featuring music, madness and vegan cakes - lets make this a holiday at
home and encourage people to leave fossil fuels in the past. Dress in
suits, as clowns, come as a fossil fuel or a fossil fool but come!!

*Funeral for coal in Parliament square, London*
Meet at 11 AM in Parliament Square

The People & Planet network invites you to join us at an action and
mass lobby. We will be building a coal power station complete with 12ft
cooling towers in Westminster, while people dressed in Jesters hats and
Gordon Brown masks will ‘burn’ a mock Climate Change Bill.

Contact for more information.

*Protest circus for a coal Fossil Fool, London*
Meet 8 AM at 1 Victoria Street (nearest tube: St. James’s Park)

The London World Development Movement groups are co-ordinating a hilarious
protest outside the Department for Enterprise Business and Regulatory
Reform (or BERR) to laugh at the minister for business, John Hutton. John
Hutton is currently set to make a right fool of the government's climate
policy if he signs off on EON's new Kingsnorth power station. Everyone's
welcome to join in the collective hilarity and to demand Hutton takes the
Kingsnorth decision very seriously. There will be a real circus feel, with
jugglers, clowns and acrobats, so don't hesitate to bring juggling balls
or wear your squeaky nose or silly hat.

Protest starts at 8am and will be over in time for you to be at work.
Contact Rachel on 0207 8204900 for more information.

That’s it – have a great Fossil Fools Day everyone!

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- Homepage: