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New social centred hatched over easter weekend

Bunny | 24.03.2008 18:17 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | London

The long weekend saw both the death of one social centre in London and the birth of another...

The new social centre will be opening publicly on the weekend of the 11/12th April as part of the decentralised days of actions for squats and autonomous spaces.

Squatters Estate Agent
Squatters Art Exhibition
Squatters Cafe and Cinema
Squatters Skillshare Workshops

The new space will be prepared over the next few weeks and the location announced closer to the days of action.

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And this too?

24.03.2008 19:07

Presumably this is not the same as this following SPACE IS THE PLACE squat for that weekend?



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Maybe, maybe not

24.03.2008 21:35

Might be the same place as the space is the place, might not. A lot can happen in three weeks and the various spaces in different places all face different challenges in that time and all have their good and bad points which might make them the space for something but not something else and another place might fill the gap. In other words, yes, maybe, hopefully, at least some of it. Is that clear?