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Japan refuses entry to Antonio (Toni) Negri

PROTEST! | 23.03.2008 20:44 | Repression | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

The Japanese Ministry of Justice has refused entry to the Italian political philosopher Antonio (Toni) Negri (74) for flimsy reasons. Negri planned at invitation of the International House of Japan from today a lecture tour to the working politics (among other things at the respectable universities of Kyoto and Tokyo). After the Japanese Foreign Ministry had no doubts against Negri's entry, at short notice, nevertheless, the Ministry of Justice responsible for border and immigration regulations of the country expressed doubt. Two days before his departure one demanded of Negri a recorded proof of
his past detention as a "political prisoner".

Japan refuses the entry to foreigners if they served prison sentences of over one year in the past. Excluded by this regulation are political prisoners.

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