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Stop the BNP's summer festival - 15-17th August

Antifascist | 23.03.2008 12:38 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

The BNP's Red, White and Blue festival (RWB), a celebration of 'Britishness' involving race hate and fascist politics, is set to go ahead from 15-17 August. Join the campaign to stop it.

The Youth BNP website has put out a callout for volunteers for a stall at the RWB that confirms the dates of the festival. A campaign has already started to stop this celebration of fascism happening in our back yard (, and now we have certain dates this will help us to move forward.

The RWB is an important date for the far right BNP, where they network and consolidate their political programme, and bring their kids to indoctrinate. Anyone who wants to see an end to organised fascism in Britain should also be interested in seeing an end to this event. We cannot let the fascists remain unopposed.

Please get in touch, and keep an eye on the blog for more information.

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Great site!, but what about our festivals?

23.03.2008 19:25

great to see this site up, the bnp are a disgrace & its disgusting they drape themselves in the British flag when our ancestors died beating their idols with it.
Make your site bit sexier please & have a few links to some antifash festivals like the Rock Against Racism on 27th April in london at Victoria Park,cultural festivals,glastonbury,Womad, raves, reading, Donnington,world war 2 memorial events & hip hop not gangster rap etc & mayday events up & down& a crefit to the nation.


Amber Valley Borough Council contacts

23.03.2008 20:22

Amber Valley Borough Council has an anti-racism policy, as stated in its "Community Plan":

“We want to create a community in which there is real equality of access to Services. For the vulnerable groups this would mean better physical access to the environment that we share, including houses, factories, public buildings, shops and public transport. There would be respect for people as individuals, not just for the group to which they belong. Racism and bigotry would end and people would be valued for the diversity they could offer to society. There would be equal access to education so all can learn to their full potential”.
( )

So, if you would like to ensure that Amber Valley Borough Council lives up to its "Community Plan" and refuses permission for the BNP (a party of "racism and bigotry") to hold a festival, then contact the head of the council, Stuart Bradford: