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marti | 20.03.2008 18:15 | Indymedia | Other Press | Repression | Oxford | World




Internet truths are communicating that the current Bailiff of Jersey and Knight of the British Empire, Sir Philip Martin Bailhache was the governor at the Jersey boy’s school (Haut de la Garenne) currently being investigated by police in the 70’s and 80’s. Yet this fact will be strenuously denied - as the toff is a Crown Officer who went to a private school in England and educated at Oxford.
Her Majesty's Bailiff of Jersey
Freemason of the Realm.
Protected by HRH Duke of Kent.
Check his public photo - he is protected by HRH Duke of Kent as Grand Master of Freemasonry.

Ritual Sexual Abuse on young children does not come any more toxic!

Whatever the case it seems that this abuse had been reported to both the authorities and the local media many times and NOTHING was ever done.

This is precisely what happened before death and murders were perpetrated against children in care in Jersey and visiting children in care to the island of Jersey. Four secret underground chambers later - leading to darkened corridors with a large pool to bathe with the children, shackles to pinion down the helpless children whilst they got mercilessly beaten until they bled in agony. Spattered blood was scrupulously wiped clear. The pain. The wrecked lived. The evil Crown Officers deny it all.

Well respected, Senator Stuart Syvret, Jersey’s former health and social security minister, knows full well that an officially orchestrated “culture of concealment” has been in place on the island for since the late 1940s - after the Germans left the island and Freemasonry re-emerged in secret as the only way to become promoted within the Jersey civil service.

Syvret was immediately sacked from his elected office, shortly after uncovering evidence that abuse of vulnerable youngsters had been going on in state-run institutions for decades. Overseen by Philip Bailhache.

On going public with his claims he was “shouted down” by all male colleagues in the States Assembly - every one a Freemason - and even had his microphone switched off. The Freemason clerks even tried to remove him from parliament on the orders of the unelected Bailiff who sits as Speaker of Parliament, whilst being head of the judiciary and senior Freemason.

The likeable Senator Syvret continues to expose the extreme culture of secrecy on the island noting:

“In a period of time of under two weeks, journalists with no prior knowledge of Jersey – let alone the atrocities against children – have uncovered twenty times more important information – than the entire panoply of Jersey media has – in six decades.”

We all know that law in Jersey is in meltdown madness.
We know that every male advocate in Jersey is a Freemason.

We all know that democracy in Jersery is in terminal decline.
We know that every male politician in Jersey is a Freemason.

The case of Philip Bailhache against Pearce which had to be heard by the Bailiff of Guernsey was where the first time, Bailhache as Crown Officer and Freemason lost a case.

Note, the case of Philip Bailhache against Vernon Tomes - where a non Freemason was ousted by the Freemason Bailiff, Philip Bailhache - which says it all.

Jersey is now living in terrified fear.

The Crown Officers will NEVER be arrested.

Every Freemason will be at liberty in Jersey to pounce again and again.