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China declare "Peoples War" in Tibet to "Clear UP" resistance to CCP | 16.03.2008 12:48 | Anti-racism | Culture | Repression | London | World

China has Closed mount Everest, Declared Martial Law and Shut Tibet to the outside world, after 60 years of unimaginable pain and suffering, with a full 1.25 million murdered by the Chinese a full 1/4 of the population, the Tibetans have risen up to demand freedom from China.

Tibet and it's people need your support, the Chinese army is about to crush the people of Tibet in a bloody crackdown.
Marking the deadline set by China to all people of Tibet to Cease their demonstrations and aspirations of freedom, the Chinese have promised brutal retaliation to anyone who does not comply with their orders.
Most world leaders have spoken out in support of the Tibetans and told China to be careful and not retaliate against the Tibetan people who's frustration has boiled over due to 60 years of increasing oppression,
there will be a demonstration;-
Venue;- Chinese Embassy, 49-51 Portland Pl, London, W1B 1JL
Time;- 16.00 on Monday
Date;- 17th Match
Please anyone who can attend make it, all are welcome including those who have just found out about the terrible plight of the Tibetan people.Reports are coming in that at least 7 people have been killed today in Amdo province by the Chinese military and Lhasa and the rest of Tibet are now locked under martial law. Up to 100 people have been killed in Lhasa and some reports suggest that the City of 1 million is half in flames.
The danger is the full fury of the Chinese army will now be turned on the Tibetan people China today has declared a "Peoples War" against Tibet to "Clean it UP" This would be China's "Final Solution" in Tibet
Phone the Chinese embassy to let them know what you think of their actions 020 72994049‎
Turn up tomorrow, your support will make a massive difference.
China insists we should not interfere in their internal affairs, we need to show them we will not be told to leave the people in Tibet to rot.
Map of the Location of the Chinese Embassy in London,+london&ie=UTF8&ll=51.515259,-0.126257&spn=0.041929,0.101109&z=14
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