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Who's editing Wikipedia?

crow | 15.03.2008 17:48 | Analysis | Education | Repression | World

Find out just who is editing one of the biggest information sources on the net.

Wikipedia is one of the largest information sources online. Along with google, it controls much of what people access when they search for information on the net.

It is reportedly commonly used by both teachers, lecturers and the media - those who have a great influence on what us masses are generally given access to - without further checking being done.

But anyone can edit the information on there. And so anyone can manipulate the information on there.

Now you can see just who is doing that. And what they've got to say.

WikiScanner is a searchable database linking Wikipedia edits to organisations through the IP addresses of those doing the editing.

See what the UK government has to say, or your local authority. Or big business. Spot their agendas in action.

Hours of endless fun, and disinformation at:



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  2. Really? — Niall
  3. Who cares? — Niall
  4. MI5 is editting wikipedia — Danny