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SOCPA - a day in the life of brian

rikki | 15.03.2008 02:24 | SOCPA | Repression | London

as reported on indymedia, police harassed brian haw at his peace vigil in parliament square on thursday 13th march
here is some video footage of the day that brian took, including the 'public order' arrest of 'the ant' for calling the police "nazis"

previous reports on indymedia at

on thursday, inspector fox arrived in parliament square with several other officers, threatening to search the peace camp tents, arrest brian if he tried to stop them, and to arrest him anyway for breach of socpa.

once again, the police were harassing and intimidating the lawful protest in the absence of any proven legal powers to stop it.

one supporter, 'the ant', was arrested for calling the police 'nazis'. he was held at belgravia without access to a solicitor for 11 hours, and then he went straight to hospital to record the bruising on his arm and have an x-ray.

at the end of thursday's exhibition of intimidation, the police left with none of their threats fulfilled.

this sort of thing happens on a monotonously regular basis, and brian's 'point of view' footage gives a fascinating and shocking taste of what he and other parliament square peace protestors have to contend with continually

last week, three protestors were detained at belgravia for nearly 20 hours on SOCPA charges

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