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thieving parasitic squat leeches trash rampART social centre

unleaded | 10.03.2008 15:14 | Free Spaces | London

Over the weekend one of the rampART collective caught friends of the neighboring squatters stealing the lead of the roof. Confronted, they justified their action by saying that the place was going to be evicted in a week anyway. Of course that's not actually true, there is no date yet for an eviction and who's is to say that an eviction attempt would succeed. It could have been months before the rampART was finally closed.

Now there is water pissing through the rampART bringing the ceiling down. Not just in the social centre but also the houses in the block as well, including the building used by a local accountant as his office. People personal possessions have been trashed and the buildings made almost uninhabitable for the sake of under one hundred pounds worths of lead.

The scum who did it might try to justify it by saying that it's the developers that pay but that's not really the case. The building are currently occupied and even when evicted they weren't going to be demolished. Now that water is pouring in the building would quickly fall into total disrepair and allow the owners to justify demolition which is what they'd really prefer to do.

So, for the sake of a quick buck, these parasites have basically hastened the end of the social centre and forced those living in the houses to move out ahead of threats from bailiffs. This incredibly anti-social behavior is sadly not untypical.

The St Bart's squat near All Saints DLR was originally squatted as a convergence centre for the Disarm DSEi mobilisation and then was used as a residential squat. Before the place was evicted almost two years later, all the copper and lead was removed and weighed in. The building, which was a council owned adult education centre, was left exposed to the weather and made total unsuitable for reuse when it was considered for the next DSEi convergence. Repairs would cost a fortune so the council will now never put it back into social use, they'll no doubt just let it rot for a few years and then sell it on as land for redevelopment.

thanks a bunch you thieving scum



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