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Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines - cinema premier Sunday 9th, 1pm

Chris Grimshaw | 07.03.2008 16:29 | London

Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines is an independently made documentary exposing the airline industry's dirtiest secret. It premiers at the Rich Mix Cinema in Bethnal Green, this Sunday at 1pm

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Here's what others have said about the movie:

'A ground-breaking documentary that raises serious questions about the air that passengers breathe.'
The Daily Telegraph

'This is one of the most important whistleblower films to date - powerful and emotional.'
Holiday Travel Watch

'A hard hitting documentary.'
Private Eye

'A deadly corporate cover-up forensically exposed.'
The Ecologist

'A tremendous piece of investigative journalism.'
Sunday Mirror

' inspiration to documentary filmmakers everywhere... the film is thoroughly researched and the evidence is overwhelmingly persuasive.'
DFG Docs

'Hard-hitting Michael Moore-style.'
County Times

'Highly commended, very good documentary.'
Foyle Film Festival

'An amazing piece of investigative journalism. A tremendous documentary.'
International Film Festival of the Environment, Paris

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