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NETCU WATCH // Wash your mouth out!

Netcu Watch | 04.03.2008 00:39 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Analysis | Animal Liberation | Repression

Netcu Watch News Flash 04.02.08


Now we admit that not everyone is happy with swearing and that there are times and places when expletives are inappropriate. However a private conversation at a demo at Sequani between 3 young male activists with no-one but other activists (most of whom swear like troopers) and police officers (ditto) to possibly overhear is surely no one elses business? Wrong, apparently uttering the F word is now an arrestable offence under section 5 of the Public Order Act and some delicate little flower of a police officer was so incensed whilst eavesdropping that he got all stroppy and threatened to arrest the activist if he swore again. We have insider information that police vans are not the most pleasant places to be if you are not a big fan of swearing or farting and indeed we hope that this police officer is never in the company of Thames Valley police who in addition to the f word use the c word ( and a whole host of colourful phrases)and call female protestors “hot bitches” , maybe he would arrest them all on the spot!

It would be facetious of us to not to ask people to solve crime by reporting it whenever it is witnessed so hear any naughty words on TV, see them in print, manage to catch your neighbour saying F*** when he hits his finger with a hammer (be ready with ear to glass on the wall so you don’t miss any lawbreaking) why not call 08457 444888 and do your duty as an upright citizen by reporting the miscreant/s? I am sure that West Mercia police would be very grateful after all they’ve poured over £4million down the drain prosecuting peaceful protestors maybe they could avoid dealing with actual crime by going after the sweary marys next?

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