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Foie Gras Demonstrations Continue Despite Renewed Police Repression

Alex C | 01.03.2008 20:51 | Animal Liberation | Repression

The past two weeks have seen further demonstrations outside French Living in the city centre to highlight the plight of millions of ducks and geese who face extreme suffering and death in the production of foie gras, so dubbed a ‘delicacy of despair’.

Nottingham Animal Rights have conducted peaceful demonstrations outside the restaurant to much success, and widespread public support, twice weekly consistently for the past few months – recently enjoying relative freedom of demonstration and a seemingly more relaxed approach from Nottinghamshire Police Force.

Unfortunately, recent police response on Thursday 21st February seems to suggest a return to the heavy-handed police approach that came to characterise earlier demonstrations in this campaign’s history. Section 14 was employed to disperse demonstrators, insisting on those present moving at least seven foot away from the entrance to French Living and through imposing such conditions undermining the demonstrators’ ability to interact with the public directly and distribute leaflets. The pretext for such action was supposedly the ‘intimidating’ nature of certain placards and materials revealing the true nature of foie gras.

Frustrated, demonstrators visited (voluntarily) the police station to voice their dissatisfaction and concerns as to the legality of the section 14 order, only to be informed by the seargent that he was satisfied as to the validity of the conditions imposed and that further challenge would only be possible through the courts.

Never the less foie gras demonstrations will continue, and further details follow at the end of this article. To produce foie-gras, young ducks and geese are confined to small, restrictive cages and routinely force fed through a metal tube forcibly inserted down their throat – the tube itself is often responsible for potentially fatal lacerations and subsequent infection. Repeated force-feeding causes their livers to swell up to 10 times their natural size, essentially inducing liver disease. The product, foie-gras, or literally ‘fatty liver’, is subsequently marketed and served as a delicacy. This practice is so cruel that its production would be illegal in Britain, but free trade laws permit its import and sale.

Forthcoming Demonstrations:

Thursday March 6th
Friday March 7th

For both events, please meet at the Lions in Market Square at 6.45pm.

Alex C


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  2. More demos throughout March — Pat