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SOCPA - update on last night's arrests

rikki | 27.02.2008 11:18 | SOCPA | Repression | London

short update on newsflash reported at

there are serious concerns for the welfare of the three protestors who were arrested by inspector fox outside the gates of parliament last night. their protest was about about the iraq war, the genocide occuring there, and the war criminals here who still evade justice.

police have admitted in previous instances that arrests are not a proportionate response to 'unauthorised protest', and they generally use 'report for possible summons' instead.

however, last night at around 9pm, the three protestors, barbara tucker, stephen jago, and 'ant', were taken to belgravia police station. police then tried to search tents to seize 'evidence' - they wanted to confiscate barbara's 'blood on their hands' banner - but backed off when brian haw pointed out that it's been shown in court that police have no power of seizure under SOCPA and that they did not have warrants.

inquiries for information at belgravia police station this morning were flatly refused by the custody officer, but it was revealed that the three are still in custody, having been held for 14 hours, and are due to be 'processed' shortly. nothing is known about their welfare, whether any additional charges have been laid, or why they have been detained so long.

any station support is will be welcomed.

to contact, call 020 7730 1212 and ask for belgravia custody suite

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pic of barbara's banner

27.02.2008 11:38

blood on their hands
blood on their hands

this is a pic of the banner the police were so anxious to seize
barbara is shown outside the gates of parliament on the day of the first PM's questions this year

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Blood, hands, really?

27.02.2008 13:05

Wait, so they didn't know that they are guilty of whatever the protesters where accusing them of? news to me.....

They know they are murdering, thieving, immoral cunts, you know it and i know it, so what's the point in waving a sign about the place and getting arrested? you would not stand outside a prison with a sign saying "criminals", why? because it's painfully fucking obvious....



Ya, rly

27.02.2008 14:35

Yes, standing outside a prison with a sign saying "criminals" would be pointless because it's stating the obvious and you have a right to do it. SOCPA restricts our freedom to state the obvious within a designated area, and so it is worth defying. Or do you not think that the right to state our opinions is worth defending? Well done to everyone involved.

Captain obvious

Lets hope they are OK

27.02.2008 14:43

I assume they didn't have the protection of a video cam. Lets hope they are OK, I admire them for standing their ground without trying to make it into a publicity stunt.

Good on you guys.

Lets hope


28.02.2008 00:02

Congratulations to the three protestors for making a stand against the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents.

Brian B

releases on bail this afternoon

28.02.2008 00:11

they were finally released on bail this afternoon. steve was first out around 2.30, then ant about an hour later, and finally having been held for more than 18 hours (for a SOCPA offence!) barbara.

steve is rebailed to 26th march and the other two to the 27th

all this for holding a banner and protesting outside parliament. i think the word 'proportionality' comes into effect here.

there's a free public screening of 'socpa - the movie' tonight at SOAS which includes interviews with steve jago and barbara tucker.

thurs 28th february
school of oriental and african studies
lower ground floor of main campus building at russell square
room L67
film at 7pm
q&a and open discussion with film-maker afterwards
public welcome

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18 hours!!

28.02.2008 15:20

That's ridiculous. What a waste of police time and money for a non offence. Do we know how they were treated?


final update

29.02.2008 00:43

steve was refused repeated requests for a lawyer while incarcerated. physically they weren't abused on this occasion (makes a change), but obviously the imprisonment itself is not a pleasant experience and was wholly unfounded.

all are on police bail and all three are under suspicion of unauthorised demonstration under socpa. in addition, barbara tucker is under suspicion of a section 5 public order offence after a compliant by alan duncan mp (who is the shadow secretary for business, commerce and regulatory reform). he no doubt was alarmed or distressed that she was exposing him as a war criminal in public as she shouted at him through her megaphone outside parliament.

so i guess the police will have to decide whether to drop charges and face false imprisonment complaints, or to push ahead and have alan duncan cross-examined by barbara tucker in the dock - i think possibly not - haha

although it's easy to see the humour in all this, the serious point is that three people were effectively kidnapped by state-employed thugs for speaking the truth where it's not wanted. and the socpa law is the mechanism that allowed it to happen

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alan duncan on "telegraph tv"

03.03.2008 00:52

while barbara languished in her cell after his complaint of alarm and distress, alan duncan took the opportunity to suggest that non-violent direct action protestors were at risk of being "shot or gassed".

such was the level of his hatred for these people, that he even surprised right-wing 'telegraph tv' editor guy ruddle!

alan duncan is the tory minister for big business

you can see the clip at

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