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rampART and RAMpart2 evictions

parting | 25.02.2008 19:46 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | London

All very gloomy news from the various parts of the rampART. This morning there was a hearing to decide whether there would be an appeal against the granting of the possession order relating to Rampart Street. The judge decided there would be no appeal.

The possession order originally granted for the 3rd of Jan is now active and the owners may now get a warrant to enforce the order and book the bailiffs for an eviction. This could be within two or three weeks although this is just a guess and we'll know more in a day or two.

Meanwhile, a new set of papers was served (kind of) on RAMpart2 and the hearing date is the 3rd of March (ie. next monday). The hearing is both for an IPO and ordinary possession order (which seems a little weird) and assuming they actually bother to turn up this time we seem to have no defense beyond a few technicalities. If they get the IPO then we'd be evicted tuesday 4th March.

A new building is urgently required.



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Bad luck and best wishes.

25.02.2008 22:34

IPO and an ordinary PO at the same time? Unusual but not unheard of. When we were evicted from Walden Street (not far from you) they applied for both. I think we were told it was in the manner of being a sort of "belt and braces" approach. Any way. Hope you're all ok. I shall miss the old place. Bad luck, and best wishes, Bob.


it can be hard

25.02.2008 22:51

hmmm that sucks and with two possible evictions imminent i bet your energy levels are riding pretty low... maybe time to rest and then start over? anyways, good luck with stuff, im not in the country so im afraid i cant help out with moving....


Squatted centres can be hard unpaid social work, is it becoming unsustainable?

26.02.2008 14:50

Many squatters I know have faced arson from various forces in other parts of the country & it can be good or bad. In London it seems police constantly crack down. Respect to those doing it, we need to gain funds, memberships dues & voluntary tithes of Unions like Industrial Workers of World,get paid workers & take on council services or run pubs ♣ in a libertarian municpalist manner, even get involved in local elections to achieve this as advocated by Murray Bookchin himself.
Squats can attract people the state often prefers we deal with like crack dealers & the mentally ill, meaning we often become more like unpaid social workers as well as necessary activists on serious matters. Maybe fine for a couple of years, but it grinds valuable activists down & gives police an excuse.
Local Pubs in many areas are going through crisis due to cheap alcohol & way tobacco ban has been done.We engage local people more in pubs & still use them for accomadation for actions at night. If these places serve decent food & have good entertainment people , we can acheive more taking over old pubs or clubs like Sumac in nottingham 1in12 or Cowley.


unsustainable - obviously

27.02.2008 16:21

It goes without saying that social centres are unsustainable -

They thrive on human energy, energy which is fickle and wanes.
They rely on individuals who come and go, lives that move on, pass by and expire.
They require buildings and resources which change hands, fall into disrepair, are demolished, replaced.
They exist in the cracks, benefiting from the spoils of capitalism - parasites scared to kill their hosts.

So yes, they are unsustainable, just like pretty much all our campaigns, activities and projects, and just like capitalism.