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'Not An Eviction Party' at the secret social centre

RAMpart2 | 21.02.2008 21:02 | Culture | Free Spaces | London

Today, the backup venue for the rampART social centre faced a court hearing as the owners sought an interim possession order which would have seen the occupiers given just 24 hours to pack up and leave. However, as luck would have it, only the squatters turned up to court so the case was adjourned. No eviction tomorrow and we guess not for at least another week...

It was intended that we'd be having a day of resistance on Friday to see off the bailiffs, starting from 2pm with a vegan cafe and transforming into an all night party to get at least one big event out of the place we've put our blood, sweat and tears into since the new year. However, now there is no eviction threat tomorrow we've decided to party anyway with the RAMpart2 'Not An Eviction Party'

If you don't already know the address, phone a friend. Anyone who regularly attends the rampART should know the address by now but we're not posting it here.

Wanna perform or DJ? give us a call (you'll have to be very self sufficient in terms of equipment).

This won't be the last event at RAMpart2, but almost.



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22.02.2008 12:45

"Wanna perform or DJ? give us a call (you'll have to be very self sufficient in terms of equipment)"

So suppose I want to perform or I just want to go and I don't know anyone, is there a phone number? It's fine not publishing the address but a little bit more info wouldn't hurt


Jumping the gun

22.02.2008 16:21

Some workmen came to board the place up this afternoon, the owner seemingly over eager to take possession despite the fact that they'd failed to show up in court. The workman phoned his boss who said they were at court right now and would be serving us notice later today. He seemed to think we'd be evicted tomorrow (saturday) which we doubt is legal but who knows what will happen. Anyway, seems the 'Not an Eviction Party' should be re-billed as 'Perhaps An Illegal Eviction Attempt Party'. See you there.


Can't make the party?

22.02.2008 17:16

Dissident Island will be broadcasting the music (and perhaps some of the other goings on) from the 'possibly not an illegal eviction' party so anyone who's stuck at home can tune in on

Dissident Werewolf