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international womens day:faslane!!

oi oi | 18.02.2008 12:37 | Faslane | Gender | Repression | Social Struggles

international womens day:faslane!!

come one an all.. . .

oi oi
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Have a good un

22.02.2008 10:14

yay, the peace camping sisterhood!

Greetings from Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp. Hope you have a great day. We will be at Aldermaston camp that weekend and dishing out flyers at the London march (for the Aldermaston Easter event), so can't be with you in body, but will be with you in spirit!

btw, all women welcome to join us happy campers on 24 March at Aldermaston at Falcongate (women's gate) - part of the mass (mixed gender) anti-nuke protest marking 50 years since first Aldermaston march and birth of CND. See AWPC website (below), or CND's (

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