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Deportatons to DRC have resumed!

source Congo support Project | 12.02.2008 10:50 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | Migration

A week ago the appeal submitted
by the legal team responsible for the BK case on the
DRC was refused at the first stage. They are now preparing papers to take the appeal directly to the Court of Appeal. In the meantime, the Home Office have seized the opportunity to make up for lost time by detaining people going to sign and by
issuing them and people already in detention with removal directions.

Four deportations were stopped last night in a
valliant effort by solicitors, but it’s
only because people were communicating that we had
information about these people at all. News started
coming last week. Kadesh Desturi Swedi was detained in
Wolverhampton when he went to report on Monday 4th
February, transferred directly to Colnbrook next to
Heathrow and issued with removal papers. There was
news of another on Friday evening and two more on
Saturday. Yet another has removal directions for 19
February. Thanks to the close network we have
developed during our campaign against deportations to
DRC, action was instant and these deportations were

However, we are hearing of more and more people being
detained at their signing point. What we need to do
now is to get information and or contact details for
these people as soon as possible. And they need to get
hold of their immigration papers, especially their
adjudicator’s determination, and be on standby with
them. If they have no solicitor, or they need to
change to one who will do something, or if anyone
suddenly gets removal directions, get in touch.

In an emergency, these are the papers a person at risk
needs to fax

1. Adjudicator’s determination
2. Flight directions
3. Letter of authority for the solicitor to act for
the person

The Congo Support Project will be organising a new round of demonstrations
and actions to protest about the latest Home Office
actions against DRC asylum seekers.

source Congo support Project
- e-mail: "Congo Support Project"