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Narconon off Southwark Council site: Anonymous 1, Scientology 0?

Temple of Xenu | 10.02.2008 04:17 | Culture | Repression | London

A recent article, published at, pointed out the presence of advice from Southwark Council for people with drug problems and those concerned about them to consult Narconon, drug "rehabilitation" program run as a front group for the Church of Scientology. However...

A quick Google search ( ) shows that those pages which had linked to an entry on Narconon, as well as the entry itself, have been removed.

While of course it is not clear what prompted this removal, it is encouraging to see that councils and other groups are rejecting Narconon and other Church of Scientology front groups as the pseudoscientific cult-fodder they are.

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Temple of Xenu