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Midsummer House – Thugs Staff…

Animal Liberation - Human Rights | 10.02.2008 00:07 | Animal Liberation | Repression | Cambridge | World

Midsummer House civilised? No it’s just Midsummer McDonalds when it comes down to it!

Some campaigners decided to walk through the gate of the restaurant and went to show placards to guests through the window, who may not have seen them as they arrived before the campaigners. Midsummer House staff came out of the business and one of them aimed a kick towards one of the peaceful activists and then grabbed the megaphone breaking off the mouthpiece.

The campaigners continued the demo for some time outside the restaurant on the public common using the megaphone to the extent it was still working. It was then that a staff member came out of the restaurant as if waiting for someone. A man came up to the campaigner holding the megaphone and grabbed at it, the campaigner did not let go so the man pulled the peaceful campaigner across the common and said he was going to throw it in the river. When the campaigner eventually let go the man opened the megaphone and threw three batteries out. He then threw the broken megaphone to the floor stealing three batteries from the device. The staff member went back into the restaurant grounds.

The staff member came out again - this time it was the police who showed up. They spoke with protesters and issued an incident number for what happened to the protester and left. The protesters stayed a little longer and then left as well.

On Saturday 9th Feb 2008 protesters were again at the restaurant for their usual lunchtime (12 –3 p.m.) Saturday demo. They received a high level of public support with many people signing the petition.

Midsummer House may claim to be civilised but this is how they act! Well, the campaigners will not be intimidated and will continue their peaceful calls for Foie Gras to be dropped from the menu.

I would like to dedicate the protest to Mike Hill (and the other animal rights activists who have died in the protection of animals) that died on 9th February 1991 trying to protect animals from hunt violence, he died at age 18. I will probably never match up to their sacrifice; they did something amazing, they will not be forgotten.

Please support the campaign by coming to one of our Saturday lunchtime demos 12 –3 p.m. every Saturday (unless campaign site says otherwise) or by contacting Midsummer House and expressing your disgust.

Midsummer House Restaurant
Midsummer Common, Cambridge, CB4 1HA
Phone: 01223 369299
Fax: 01223 302672

Animal Liberation - Human Rights


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