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Charly: urgent help needed. Perparim shall stay!

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Charly from Leeds and her 4 month old baby to be deported to Cameroon tomorrow Thursday 7th February.

Peparim and family grated status.

NCADC North West News
Date : 6th February 2008

Charly from Leeds and her 4 month old baby to be deported to Cameroon tomorrow
Charly Julienne Mbongue Ndongo and her 4 month old baby, Kiefer Nkana Moudiki (born in England) currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC, are facing deportation to Cameroon on Thursday 7th February. Charly's campaign is backed by PAFRAS and LASSN in Leeds. How you can help ;

Perparim & Family Must Stay! And Stay They Shall!
The family were granted status yesterday

Perparim fled Kosovo in fear in July 1998, two days before Serbian forces invaded. He had been displaced from his wife and didn't know whether she was dead or alive. He was unaware that in fact she had arrived in the UK in 2002 and was living in the Greater Manchester area. She was unaware Perparim was alive and living in Manchester. By chance, they came across each other in 2005 and the family was reunited. His wife gave birth to their daughter in August 2006.

"It's come to an end. It's finally over. We have been granted status. These have been very long years of uncertainty. Many times I was in total despair. I think if it wasn't for my campaign, I may have gone over the edge. My family and I would like to thank NCADC supporters for their efforts on our behalf - each fax, each letter, each petition signature gave us the strength to carry on".

Perparim Demaj

Perparim set up an anti-deportation campaign in 2004. The campaign group worked tirelessly on all fronts - the family's legal case and the public campaigning, as well as supporting the family emotionally and financially. The Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit represented the family.

"None of us had a clue what to do until we found NCADC. I can't even begin to tell you how much NCADC has helped. Perparim being involved in other Manchester anti-deportation campaigns is what kept him going at times. Everyone in the campaign support group was determined to never let this family go - we are totally made up for them and it's a wonderful feeling to know they will be safe here with us forever."

Wendy Allison, Perparim Demaj and Family Must Stay Campaign

The group got a wide range of community leaders and organisations to back the campaign - including the leader of Manchester City Council, a number of councillors, the MP, UNISON branches, Manchester Trades Union Council and local NGOs. They held demonstrations and a number of fundraising events, including Picnic in the Park, evening entertainments, and Wendy ran a 10km sponsored run. The campaign secured coverage in the local newspapers and radio, as well as well with the Independent newspaper.

"Most of the time Perparim was busy quietly helping other people. He's constantly compelled to help others and I think sometimes he found it hard to think properly about his own case. But his campaign support group were superb throughout, keeping everything tight and focused. Actually, they were formidable; their dedication to Perparim and his family was quite inspiring in itself."

Emma Ginn, NCADC North West

Photo : Perparim Demaj and Wendy Allison

Perparim & Family Must Stay Campaign ;

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