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London Social Centres Support Meeting Sat 2nd Feb

londonscn | 02.02.2008 10:52 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

Yes, really late reminder this but today (saturday) 2pm is the 2nd meeting of the relating to the London Social Centres Support Initiative (that's not the name, just an attempt at a description).

The initiative aims at improving communication and co-operation between autonomous spaces in London, ensuring that events and projects taking place in these spaces are well publicised and providing practical emergency and ongoing support to ensure that the social centres movement in London is maintained.

The meeting is taking place at a new squatted social centre in Hackney. The address is 231 Lower Clapton Road and people should meet around the back of the building and ring the bell as there is no front door. The social centres phone number is O75O6O9549l

Discussion will include updates on the status of the rampART eviction threat, progress on RAMpart2, and the recent attacks on the new social centre on Lower Clapton Road..

Other items on the agenda include relaunching some kind of regular London wide event listings for autonomous spaces and improving online communication tools. There will also be discussion on London reaction to the call out for international decentralised days of action in support of autonomous spaces and squats that will take place April 11th and 12th.