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Midsummer House demo - This Saturday!

Midsummer House Campaign | 31.01.2008 21:34 | Animal Liberation | Free Spaces | Cambridge


Midsummer House demo in Cambridge, please come and support the campaign.

=The Issues=

1. Midsummer House sells Foie Gras a controversial product that many businesses including the major supermarkets have banned. Foie Gras is commonly produced by shoving a pipe down the throat of a duck or goose.

2. Midsummer House has annoyed people with an interest in protecting Midsummer Common by placing their own supposedly decorative painted stones on the public common. Midsummer Common has been and still is a public area that the people of Cambridge have access to. Yet the grass around Midsummer House clearly gives the impression of being owned by the business.

** Please come and join us on 2nd Feb, 12 Noon at Midsummer House on Midsummer Common, Cambridge. **

Midsummer House Restaurant
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