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Berlin; Protest action at the Berlin House of Representatives.

Berlinsquatter | 31.01.2008 21:26 | Free Spaces | World

The fight for the self-organised spaces of Rigaer 94 has progressed to the next round.
On the 29th of January the court decided in favour of an eviction of parts of Rigaer 94 and a protest action subsequently took place at the Berlin House of Representatives.

On the 29th of January a decision to evict was made at the district court of Berlin against the association “ Freunde der Kadterschmiede e.V” (Kadterschmiede’s Friends). The FdK is the “official” squatter of parts of the Rigaer 94. The verdict was that the Kaderschmiede, workshop, and laundryroom must be handed over to Suitbert Beulker (the owner of Rigaer 94, 95 and Liebig 14). Parts of Rigaer 94 are therefore close to eviction.

At 2pm, on Wednesday 30th January, a response came from the inhabitants and supporters of Rigaer 94 and Liebig 14 in the form of a spontaneous rally in Berlin’s House of Representatives. In the entrance hall a self-built washing machine was brought in and dirty laundry was spread about and hung around (to highlight the impending eviction of the washroom). A letter was also delivered demanding a political solution for the problem. The security and police who were present were totally surprised and unprepared, and the action was able to take place without great difficulty. The protesters then chose to leave, and the cops were left to satisfy themselves with cleaning up the stinky laundry.

The Berlin House of Representatives is protected by special laws which forbid demonstrations and protests within the area. However, what is permitted and what is done is not always the same thing!

This action was just the beginning of the campaign against the eviction…
Köpi, Bethanien, Rigaer 94, Liebig 14 and 34 and the trailerpark Schwarze kanal- WE ALL STAY!!! WIR BLEIBEN ALLE!